Featuring selected projects in my role as a cinematographer, writer, director and creative producer.


Shelter is a short fictional film that breaks down the concept of causality into individual choices we, as humans, make. Our decision-making processes are different, but all orchestrate under the condition of time. Often we have the luxury to contemplate; then there are moments in which we can only react.

Bojana is Filip’s older sister by 4 years and his truest companion. On a winter night, she meets her brother out to celebrate his final day of training. Social issues of opportunity, neglect and addiction rub against one other as Bojana finds herself in a moment of pure reaction — one she never expected.

This film was produced as partial fulfillment of my Master of Fine Arts degree in Cinematic Arts. Within only 3 months the concept developed from a writing retreat in New York City to its theater premiere in Columbus, Ohio. This exercise allowed me to work through the challenges of creating an independent, short film with limited time and resources.


Showcasing notable projects during my professional experience with Old Machine. As a producer with a small, internal production company my multidisciplinary abilities were often utilized. For example, aside from scouting new business and client management, I would also assist in designing director treatments, operating camera interviewing subjects on-camera, casting talent, hiring crew, editing dailies and building the company website. To check out more work please visit:


Made in part of the 2018 Columbus College of Art and Design Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibition, Collision. Role of Project Manager and Graphic Designer for the exhibition identity, catalog and other promotional materials including postcards, showcards, wall graphics, etc.



Selected logos recently designed with an emphasis on clean typography, memorable colors and minimal design elements.